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The Book of me - Me as a Baby

The Book of me, Written by You. 
Prompt 2.

Who Are You?

I am participating in The Book of me, Written by You blogging challenge created by Julie Goucher of the Anglers Rest Blog. The concept; a series of blogging and writing prompts that help family historians capture their own memories and write about themselves. Click here for more information.

Me, a 'Chubby' bubby  aged 11 months.

1.Do you have any baby photos?  The photograph at top, of myself aged 5 months in the basket, is the earliest surviving photo I have. Many of my family photographs were destroyed in the 1974 Brisbane flood. This photograph was taken in the month of June which is winter in Australia, hence the woollen bonnet which was undoubtedly knitted by my paternal grandmother, Jemima Florence MacDade (nee White). I have no idea what became of the bassinette basket pictured, although I do recall both of my younger sisters sleeping in it as babies. 

2.Where were you born.  I was born at the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital on January the 9th. I share my birth date with a paternal aunt as well as a maternal great great grandfather, John Gottlieb Narger (Nerger). John was born in 1864. 

3. Who was present at your birth? I know that my father was not present at my birth but I do recall my mother telling me that an obstetrician and a midwife were there. My mother had a very difficult birth and almost lost me. I am certain that my two grandmothers and one grandfather would have been waiting nearby to hold the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  

4. Dimensions. I have a beautiful baby book in which my mother lovingly recorded all of my baby details, however, as is always the way,  I can't find it ( it's packed away somewhere...). From memory I was weighed around 7 lb 4 oz. 

5. Day of Birth. Time of Birth.  The day of the week on which I was born was a Sunday. Both of my sisters were also born on a Sunday. As children we used to recite the traditional Monday's Child rhyme, loving the fact that we were all Sunday's Child.

Not only were my sisters and I all born on a Sunday but incredibly there was a coincidence with regard to the times of our births. All three of us were born with the number 10 in our birth times. I was born at 10 minutes to nine o'clock am.  My next sister was born at 9 minutes after ten o'clock am and the third and last sister was born at 10.20 am and all on a Sunday. We sisters loved these coincidences as children. 

6. Description of Hair and Eyes. I had NO hair when I was born. In fact from the photo above of me standing in my front yard in Brisbane, you may notice that I had very little hair even at 11 months. My mother tried hard to attach large bows to my head to show that I was girl! What little hair I had was very blonde. My eyes were and still are blue. All three sisters in my family have different coloured eyes One sister has green eyes and the other has hazel eyes. I have only just discovered where the hazel eyes come from. I have found a convict great great great grandfather who had hazel eyes. With a green eyed mother and a blue eyed father, we never knew where those hazel eyes originated. My  sister with green eyes has a daughter who also has inherited the beautiful hazel eyes. 

Me aged 2 years - still sporting a big bow in my hair!
If it wasn't a huge bow.. it was a big bonnet!
I still have the above bonnet which is pale blue and beautifully made to match my dress by my mother.

Here I am with my father on Maroochydore beach

I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of my parents, Alwynne Jean (Reece-Hoyes )24/9/1931-29/10/1995 and Colin John MacDade (McDade) 1/10.1930- 26/2/1999.

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